I failed for a microbial test, now what?

I failed for a test, now what?

After failing your first attempt at any of the microbial tests, you have several options under the OCP rules. Their guidance document can be found here.

Microbial Tests
In general, these are your options for microbial tests:
  1. If plant material failed for any of the microbial tests you may move the flower/trim to manufacturing and remediate it through extraction. No additional testing is necessary.
  2. You may perform some remediation technique (ozone, irradiation, additional drying, etc.) or simply retest and attempt to pass.
    1. Submit two separate samples at the required sampling amount
    2. If you failed for Yeast and Mold - Retest both packages for Yeast and Mold + Mycotoxins
    3. If you failed for any of the microbials (total coliforms, enterobacter, total aerobic, salmonella, E. coli) - Retest both packages for ALL 5 categories of microbial.
    4. If you failed any of the microbials and Yeast and Mold - Retest all 6 microbial tests + Mycotoxins on both packages
Heavy Metals and Pesticides
When failing for heavy metals and pesticides you cannot remediate however, you can retest. Resubmit your sample in duplicate and test only for the failed test.

Residual Solvents
When failing for residual solvents you are allowed to remediate and resubmit your sample in duplicate.

Potency tests do not qualify for retesting under the current guidance from OCP. If you feel your potency results are erroneous, reach out to the OCP and attempt to receive special approval to have potency retested.
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